Google Ads and Facebook Ads for Law Firm Advertising

Today, having a visible and commanding online presence is more important than ever for business success.

Legal consumers are turning to the Internet to begin their search for their attorneys. As we have mentioned in our previous blog, even if more people choose a lawyer by word of mouth, they nevertheless tend to search their lawyers online. Indeed, being at the top of search results can increase business by drawing in new clients.

Google Ads

Google Ads helps you do precisely this. Google Ads is an advertising system that allows you to strategically and precisely place ads across the Google Display Network. Google's high level of ad-placement precision means that you can target select audiences and draw new business with greater success. Indeed, Google Ads is an excellent and highly cost-effective way for a young or experienced firm to gather new visibility. Google is a "pay-per-click" service, meaning it will only charge you for every time a visitor accesses your website by clicking on your ad. As a result, you will only pay if the ad successfully draws views to your site.

You can research what words are used by potential clients searching for your services. Adding these words to your ad copy can increase a possible target audience's chances of seeing your ad. Furthermore, because you will pay Google according to the number of visitors who click on your ad, it behooves you to pick keywords that are narrow in scope and not too broad. Otherwise, you will have many people clicking on your ad who may only seek general knowledge on a legal subject or browsing without purpose. You'll gain many clicks (which you'll have to pay for) that do not generate new business. Google Ads will provide you with options regarding the type of search you want your ad to be listed under.

Not only does Google offer you the opportunity to advertise across its platform, but Google also offers programs like Google Screened, which provides verifications that will show potential future customers that your firm is trustworthy, up to date on regulations, and a healthy and well-reviewed business.

Google Screened is particularly useful for targeting local clients who seek the added verification that their local attorneys are trustworthy. A Google Screened notification will appear over the ad when it shows up on their search results.

Google Ads is thus indispensable for lawyers targeting competitive markets. Big cities like Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and so on are financial centers that draw excellent lawyers from across the world and nation. You can gain an edge on them by being proactive and well-informed regarding your marketing strategies.

Facebook Ads

In 2021, the ABA Tech Report noted that 86% of surveyed firms had a presence in social media. Notably, 61% of surveyed firms had a Facebook account. (And, not surprisingly, 87% had a LinkedIn account.) The sheer number of law firms on social media means that social media itself is a new market for law firms to explore.

Social media ads offer advantages that Google Ads does not. Like Google Ads, social media ads can be useful in linking your firm to a localized audience, but with social media ads, you can choose to place targeted ads in front of well-chosen audiences before they even begin to search for their legal services. For example, you can place employment law ads on the pages of people who have recently changed their status to employed and so on, or personal injury law ads on the pages of people who share their being in a car accident.

The algorithmic mechanics used by Facebook to target select audiences are, of course, complex, but using Facebook ads can produce significant results. You can place Facebook ads after certain events or trending topics, which may make audiences more inclined to be receptive to what your law firm may offer, especially if the service has to do with the trending topic. For example, you can market your sports law firm around important local sports games. The audience is likely to link your firm with the game, which may increase site visits. Indeed, Facebook ads are very successful because of how organically they can weave into people's social media experience while being responsive to real-world events. This is all the more the case when you consider that you can create ads for blog posts on your website that deal precisely with whatever subject is trending. Part of the success of any marketing campaign is to make sure that the client finds you trustworthy enough to enlist your business, and you can inspire trustworthiness by showing that you are committed and invested in your legal field.

Most Facebook ads contain an image, a headline, and a call to action. By adequately designing all three, you can inspire curiosity and, maybe, a sense of need regarding the legal services you offer. Highly successful law firm social media profiles have even employed short videos to increase viewer interest. Be creative and keep your audience in mind!