Why Maatdesk?

Manage everything from one place

Maatdesk keeps track of deadlines and clients contacts effectively. All details linked to your case, whether that includes calendars, emails, tasks, invoices, or documents, can be accessed from one specific location rather than having to log in multiple accounts.

Makes your firm more efficient

Having the right tools in place can help you run your firm more efficiently. Maatdesk helps keep track of everything without missing essential data. Your cases will progress smoothly as the whole process from filing, sharing, billing, calendars, and deadlines, is simplified.

Easy access

Critical information is available via web browser or mobile app from virtually everywhere: office, court, and on the go. You can access important files, complete tasks, and share invoices. This cloud-based accessibility will promote your firm’s long-term productivity.

Up and running in no time

Optimal performance with easy to use features that both individuals and teams can learn to manage quickly. Whether you are using Maatdesk for the first time or learning a new feature, it will help you save much time when executing a given task.

Give it a try

Maatdesk was founded by experienced attorneys and software developers who took their knowledge to develop the perfect case management software. Many local and out-of-town firms use our software for a good reason. It has been a constant development over the years with the final product being a software that provides all the tools you need for a complete case management process. Give it a try and see how it works to improve your firm’s performance significantly.