Funds in the attorney trust account must be administered in an ethical, and transparent manner, and according to all the managerial policies and regulations of the particular legal practice. Making use of these funds, and being able to track every transaction that enters or leaves an account, it is essential to avoid conflicts and to guarantee an adequate trust fund management of your law firm.

The funds coming from the attorney trust account are not the only ones used to cover the fees or the services provided by the firm. There is a wide variety of legal matters that are carried out within a law firm and that are paid by your clients in cash, check, or card according to the payment methods accepted by your firm.

Take Control

Efficient Trust Fund Management

Trust account software for attorneys also used for other accounts in the firm, is a great trust fund management system that allows you to take control of each financial move more efficiently, and to know the balance of your accounts to take actions accordingly.

Maatdesk has been designed with the knowledge in mind that your legal practice needs powerful tools for the efficient trust fund management of its accounts, and of fees for services rendered to clients. Although attorneys must be familiar with the billing process, and the transferring of funds and trust account management, their primary goal is to practice law. Thus, having a tool that manages these funds effectively with the level of detail and accuracy required by the legal industry, gives them peace of mind and more confidence in the performance of their legal practice.

Trust account software for attorneys like Maatdesk will allow you to view all transactions made in your trust account and operative account, by case, or by the client and view current balances. You will be able to track transactions made in advance quickly, by amounts or dates, through the use of filters. Through an easy-to-use user interface, you will be able to customize columns displayed by adding or removing many functions and categories based on your consideration.

legal Trust Account Management

Trust Account Management System Features

  • You can create trust accounts and operational accounts.
  • Edit account information.
  • Transfer funds between accounts quickly and effortlessly.
  • Check the balance of accounts with just one click.
  • Track transactions by account, case, client, origin, destination and reference.
  • Add or delete columns with information in a more personalized manner.
  • Generate new transactions directly from the module.
  • Search transactions through advanced filters.
  • Export transactions for the accounting system.
  • It integrates with the case management modules and clients.

Trust Account

Time Tracking


Trust Account Management for lawyers

For a successful trust fund management in the trust and operating accounts, a consistent integration with the time tracking and billing process is required.

Our trust account software for attorneys allows deposits received by clients to be registered immediately, affecting both client transactions and those in the trust or operational account. Likewise, when creating invoices it is straightforward to apply or transfer funds from the trust account, and automatically record balance deduction both in the client's account and in the balance of each case.

In this way, you will be able to know in more details, and instantly, the pending transactions of each of case you are managing. You will also know each client more individually and each trust or operational account. Maatdesk helps with the flow of transactions, which can be tracked within the system according to their origin, destination, reference, description, or a related case.

Why a Trust Account Management Software?

The use of trust account software for attorneys to complete tasks that are more of an accounting or administrative nature than a legal nature is an asset that provides security to attorneys on the thorough record of transactions linked to funds they may have. These funds do not belong to them until they have covered the legal services for which they were deposited. On the other hand, it protects attorneys from client’s claims, and from being subject to disciplinary actions for violations of the codes and regulations established during routine audits.

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