One of the most sensitive issues in a law firm is the establishment of a reliable legal billing management system, mainly because any legal billing error can damage your firm’s reputation and your relationship with your clients. It is critical knowing when to send an invoice, the amount, and to which client, both for the attorney’s reputation, as well as the fees charged. So what should you look for in good legal billing software? The answer is simple - convenience, accuracy and tracking capabilities.

Our legal billing software is designed and developed precisely by these standards. As time tracking software, it is suitable to meet your firm’s most diverse needs with accuracy so you do not miss a minute of your legal billing time. It provides tracking features so that you can track each transaction from the time it was first created. This approach helps guarantee a more efficient and transparent legal practice management system.

Why choose our legal billing system?

Friendly interface

Easy for users to understand and integrate.

Quick, Efficient, and Direct

Invoice creation sent directly to the client's email.


You can check at all times the balance by client account and case.


A much simpler way to create credit notes or adjustments.

Reliable and Secure

Create a preview or draft with pending invoices for approval.


Share invoices with other legal billing software users or contacts.


Know the status of all your bills.


Integration with the time tracking software module and timer for a better time tracker billing.


Customized invoices in PDF format ready to be printed or sent conveniently to your clients.

Maatdesk will provide you with the functionality and quality of reliable legal billing software at the best price. Our bill management software has been designed for lawyers and firms who want to focus on their legal practice, rather than dealing with the complications of a law firm billing and record keeping process. Our goal is to simplify this process and alleviate the responsibility attorneys have to manage their billable time efficiently. When designing this program, we have relied on the feedback provided by several firms, attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals; as well as administrative staff in these law firms. Maatdesk delivers optimized case management solutions that meet the needs of dynamic and busy workplaces such as contemporary law firms.

How do we improve time


If you are not efficient at billing your time or services, your business may suffer the same fate, and the goal of building a successful law practice will become distant. Maatdesk aims to become a legal time billing software that gets the job done right. Your clients are probably more familiar with how legal billing works and they check their invoices to find out a mistake and create unnecessary arguments, or claims that may affect your reputation. But how can we prevent situations like these?

A software such as Maatdesk can help you create complex invoicing with detailed descriptions of each task or issue. You can manage each case with precision so that the client can identify the source, nature, and worth of each task. This system allows the client a straightforward evaluation of the nature, origin, and value of each task. You can create personalized descriptions, or you can use templates based on best practices, which can save you time. This approach helps keep a balance and help you understand and achieve your goals more efficiently, with attention to detail.

The precise way in which time entries and tasks associated with fixed rates are recorded in this time tracking software; functionalities such as the use of notes to register the time associated with a task difficult to measure; or the billable time record linked to telephone calls, can help avoid mistakes in your law firm billing. This way, it is guaranteed that each activity or change in the amount billed, will show up in details, and consequently with its execution time.

For a functional integration of a legal billing software is vital to track time accurately. That is why Maatdesk is very convenient to record tasks at the actual time they were completed, or enter that information later on after the task has been completed. In any case, the billable time is always registered with the time billing software to avoid any gaps or losses during monitoring, which can lead to the wrong reconstruction of tasks completed and may cause billing errors.

Every law firm billing software should have adequate supervision. Maatdesk is a billing and invoicing software that will allow you to create invoices at different user levels in the form of a draft, and may designate another user (s) within the system for its review and approval, always double checking information.

An essential element is the exportation of data linked to the law firm billing process, which can be done with Maatdesk in a much simpler way in line with your accounting system. You can also make use of the client payment profiles, which can help determine their grace periods, percentages or late payment penalties; shown in the invoices sent to clarify the process.

Legal Billing Software

Adaptable law firm billing software

Technology is increasingly allowing legal billing software to become a tool that adapts to your specific needs, policies, and the law firm billing procedures. With new technological advances, the use of hourly rates and codes from a legal branch are adjusted to bring electronic invoicing to its field of specialization. With time and billing software like Maatdesk, task-based legal billing will include a more profound analysis and monitoring of each invoice in the system and a more personalized approach for your clients.

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