Law Firm Client Portal

Maatdesk’s client portal facilitates the communication between legal firms and their clients. The streamlined design allows for user-friendly access to features such as document viewing and uploading, scheduling events with clients, and payment options. These features save time and avoid mishaps that transpire with various channels of communication. Maatdesk’s secure portal allows users to connect privately and effectively from their computers or mobile devices. Wherever you go, Maatdesk goes with you.

Secure Document Uploads

Maatdesk’s secure client portal features automatic document uploading and viewing from any web or mobile browser. With Maatdesk, firms and clients can exchange documents safely and efficiently in a consolidated platform. All records are organized by an assigned title and separated into files for easy navigation. Both attorneys and clients receive email notifications when documents are uploaded.

Centralized Event Scheduling

Nothing goes unnoticed with Maatdesk! Instead of exchanging meeting reminders through various channels where invitations are easily overlooked or forgotten, Maatdesk’s users schedule events from a centralized client portal. Chosen recipients receive a confirmation email once an event is created. If there are several pending events, users may log into the client portal and review all invitation details organized by date.

Automatic Billing and Paying

Attorneys can now bill clients directly through Maatdesk’s automatic billing and payment feature. Invoices are paid swiftly through a virtual payment form and can be downloaded straight to your computer or mobile device for personal record-keeping. The client portal connects attorneys with their clients so all parties can remain conscious of pending balances and due dates.

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