There is nothing more challenging than trying to stay organized in a fast-paced work environment when you are overloaded with so many tasks. Many modern law firms face this reality on a day-to-day basis. Their employees deal with challenges in carrying out multiple work tasks, and personal tasks, which are often combined otherwise they may not be as efficient.

We have developed a task management tool for attorneys to help these law firms stay focused. Attorneys are continually dealing with challenging situations and juggling multiple priorities. Whether that includes simple tasks such as making a phone call, sending a fax or an email; presenting or sending sensitive legal documentation or any other more complex task linked to how cases are handled, they need a task management system to make their lives easier. Maatdesk is an exclusive legal task management tool for attorneys that will always make it easier for them to complete each task promptly, and ensure all deadlines are met.

Task Management Features

  • A much simpler way to assign tasks.
  • Tracking the progress and status of all tasks.
  • Add time entries to a task.
  • Link tasks to cases or legal issues.
  • Edit, print and delete tasks.
  • Share tasks with other task management system users.
  • Set alerts or reminders on your desktop or your email.
  • Assign different priority levels to specific tasks.
  • Filtered and advanced search of each task.
  • Visualization of tasks to be completed and listed.
  • Exportation of tasks in different formats.
  • Establish security levels on each task.

Get Organized and Prioritize

When it comes to organizing repetitive tasks, technology has proven to be your best ally, allowing you to check your pending tasks from virtually anywhere. Although a task management tool will not complete all your unfinished work, it can help you get organized and prioritize the workload, so it doesn’t cause you unnecessary stress. Whether you are preparing for a court appearance or handling important case documents, Maatdesk will help you navigate through each situation with confidence and worry-free.

Writing down a list of pending tasks is no longer a practical option. There are many digital task management tools currently available that will help you create a to-do list in no time. But it does not have to become a rigid routine. It is easy to create your to-do lists and modify them when you need to postpone or move a task to a different date with to-do list software like Maatdesk.

If you have a pending task, you can quickly add it to your to-do list. You can also assign it to a legal area you may want to cover, an attorney, or specific case, and leave a detailed description of the task for other system users while assigning priority levels. This approach will help you focus on the most urgent or important tasks that may require your attention at a given time. On the other hand, the ability of multitasking is also critical for any law firm. Our task management software will help you determine which tasks are priorities and when they can be combined to gain time and productivity.

Maatdesk will not only allow you to create work related to-do lists wisely, but it will also help you create personal to-do lists, and export them to your personal computer in a PDF or CSV format depending on how is more convenient for you.

Multiple legal cases can be linked and arranged in a particular order. Every law firm or lawyer handles hundreds of different tasks throughout the year. Maatdesk can help you establish an adequate workflow, and to control who and when the job is done, with the primary goal of guaranteeing the best possible results. With our task management program you can have a general vision of all the work in progress, pending work, case management, and your calendar, all in one place.

Legal Task Management

Your Task Management Tool for Success

A useful task management tool for attorneys should help you combine simplicity and complexity at the time is needed. Maatdesk seeks to achieve just that along the way, to increase productivity, improve workflow and collaboration within your law firm.

Effective task management is vital for every business. Ensuring a work environment that is organized can increase the quality of the legal services provided by your firm. It also helps reduce human error and help you avoid any delays or wasting your time. All these factors combined will contribute not only to better communication among members of your legal team and more excellent work performance, but they can also help you get closer to your clients and provide them better services.

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