Every law firm exists thanks to its clients. That is why a good client contact system will guarantee a healthy relationship between your legal practice and your current or potential clients. This rule applies not only to your clients but all those linked to your law practice such as attorneys, judges, prosecutors, witnesses, sources of referrals, as well as law firms and organizations. These are essential contacts that should be readily available in your database for a better contact center management.

Our legal contact management software focuses on the legal practice of attorneys and law firms. It is a contact management tool that guarantees managing customer contacts efficiently, organizing all your contacts, and conveniently accessing them at all times. You can also search for contacts by using filters; and have access to detailed information about cases linked to a particular client, transactions, and other functionalities.

What our legal contact management software
can do for you?

Business Cards

Show the business cards of each contact (name, address, email)

Clever Filters

It uses clever filters that facilitate the search within large volumes of data.


Integration with the billing module to generate quick invoices, and assigns the client a payment profile.


It customizes the contact profile, and allows you to edit or delete the information of a specific connection.


It displays all the cases linked to a specific client, all transactions made in the client's account and invoices sent to the client.


It shows the notes associated with a contact, documents related to contacts such as ID, payment method, business cards, and emails received

Contact Management software for lawyers

Simple and visually appealing

Maatdesk will allow you to manage your contact information in a way that is simple and visually appealing to the system user. From this module, you can also access a new application for the trust account when the contact is a client. You will see the hourly rate of your active cases.

A contact management software like Maatdesk will allow you an instant, complete, and personalized view of each of your clients’ information. You will also have access to the opening and closing dates of cases, transactions, invoices, pending deadlines, messages, personal documents, documents linked to the case, and all other interactions between the client and the legal practice over time.

You will be able to respond to any questions or concerns your contacts or clients may have quickly with information that is real, timely, and reliable. That approach helps managing customer contacts efficiently, and speed up the claims and conflict resolution process. Besides, the backup system databases guarantee that you never lose any important business contacts.

Legal Contact Management

More than a contact management system

You do not need to have multiple contact records scattered across different media, either on paper, a digital agenda, or any other devices. With a legal contact management software like Maatdesk it is easy to organize, follow up, and keep in touch with clients relevant to your practice; in addition to people, and organizations you work with. We save a detailed record of all your documents, messages, emails, calls, and other information made available with a few simple steps. We also make it possible for each member of the firm to have access to the same contact information, which facilitates better communication and work dynamics.

Our contact management software is a great digital solution you can access directly from your desktop. It ensures optimal client relationship management will all important contacts in your law firm, a more personalized approach, and client closeness.

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