Legal case management is the center of every legal practice. Our legal case management software was designed and developed focusing on the standpoint of creating a product that allows you to take your practice to the next level. Adapted to attorneys who have a law firm, as well as medium or large law firms, we make legal case management possible from its degree of complexity and considering every detail.

Maatdesk is a legal case management software designed for a modern, competitive, and dynamic work environment that demands new tools and structures for the optimization and successful legal case management system of daily challenges in the legal field.

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Being efficient, organized and consistent when managing each case is the basic goal of every law firm that seeks to become market leaders and ensure better results in their legal case management system. But how can we help you achieve those goals? Maatdesk enables you to create a vision, or overview of all your cases from a management perspective.

Maatdesk also allows you to obtain the status of each case immediately with relevant information that helps make solid decisions about these cases and their evolution. With reliable and advanced case management software for lawyers capable of solving even the most complex requirements of your legal practice, we consolidate the registration, monitoring, and legal matter management of each case in your firm.

Maatdesk is not merely legal case management software but also an administrative tool that will help you understand and improve internal business functions, the use of time and productivity, as well as contributions to the development and growth of the firm by user performance.

With a design focused on a friendly and practical navigation system, you can travel through different sections of information, accurate statistical reports, integration with contact management modules, tracking and time entries, connectivity with email support, rapid creation of invoices, collaboration with other users, scanning and document management. With our case tracking system, you can track activity from the client's trust account, and have access to many other features explained below.

Legal Case Management Software

Features and Performance

  • A quick view of the general status of each case that includes financial flow, description, the attorney in charge, a timeline, and client information.
  • Assignment of time linked to specific work completed on each case and cost.
  • Allocation of expenses associated with each case.
  • List of all case activities related to time and expense entries with column customization by specific factors in visualization.
  • It integrates with the calendar tool.
  • Record of case notes.
  • Email management and notifications.
  • It assigns specific tasks and management of deadlines.
  • Tracking of payments, generating invoices, and visualization by state (draft, pending approval, pending payment, and paid).
  • Option to share a section with other attorneys or system users to collaborate in different cases.
  • It integrates with the billing module.
  • Capacity to archive and scan documents linked to a case isolated by category.
  • Time record, billable or not, associated with telephone calls.
  • Fast invoice generator.
  • Quick access to most common features.
  • Analytical function of the case and activity generated in the trust account .

Benefits for your legal practice

Not one legal case is more important than the other. That’s why legal case management software like Maatdesk can offer significant strategic advantages to help you compete and succeed in the legal field; regardless of your practice areas, or the organizational structure of your firm. With our case management software, you will be able to focus on specific tasks and have access to an electronic database that will provide you with all the information you need to be linked to documents, emails, forms, scans, invoices, faxes; and all other details related to cases.

As a law case management software Maatdesk helps minimize the risks of having information lost that could be stored safely. It will improve collaboration among members of the firm, making the internal and external workflow more industrious. The analytical vision that our legal case management software provides to its users will allow you to have control at all times of the status of each case, incomplete tasks, time invested in the execution of linked activities, as well as keeping a reliable record of related expenses and billable time.

Every law firm like to focus their efforts on providing excellent services to their clients. We understand this is your primary task, and we hope you can do it in the simplest, most affordable and professional way possible. Creating a concrete legal case management system within your business will result in higher levels of conflict resolution, disputes, and legal issues in general, better success rates, and superior customer satisfaction.

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