Organizing, prioritizing, and being able to meet all deadlines promptly are vital elements for every law firm, whether a small or large private practice. The correct planning of every case, as well as the time invested in them, can promote success, and become an indicator that highlights your prestige and reputation in front of your clients and legal practice. Our legal calendaring software was designed so that no event or urgent legal matter is lost in the typical busy workflow of modern law firms.

With Maatdesk you will access

  • A global calendar of the firm with all important and mandatory events by members.
  • A personal calendar of all events and appointments scheduled with clients or in court by a specific day, week or month.
  • Share your personal calendar with other attorneys and system users.
  • Create reminders or alerts when an action is required.
  • Follow up on issues and documents that must be presented in court or another administrative organization.
  • Follow up on matters and documents pending from the court, clients or another managerial agency.
  • Generate periodic calendars before the deadline to ensure that the closest events are always linked to your knowledge and expertise.
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How do we
simplify your legal practice?

With legal calendaring software like Maatdesk, you can take advantage of a friendly interface, natural interaction, and fast domain user. Our schedule management software will allow you a complete integration of all general tasks and each specific case; allowing you to delegate event updates, deadlines, and restrictions of other system users designated specifically for this purpose. The convenient access of this tool and the efficient legal document management of any risk associated with the loss of time and deadlines invested on specific legal matters can help optimize work dynamics, produces better results when handling multiple cases, and increases customer satisfaction. Having a task calendar software and work schedule that allows you to personally and proactively manage daily legal activities in your docket calendar adds worth not only to your law firm but your performance.

A legal calendaring software
designed to meet your needs

If you are an attorney or a firm that focuses on litigation, criminal or family law, our legal docketing application will allow you to keep track of deadlines for filing charges, documents, and court appearance dates. Other legal firms such as those that specialize in tax filing, real estate, business and corporate cases can register any events vital to the operation of their business. These events include tax filing dates, terms for establishing and closing contracts, loan terms and documentation, inspection deadlines, lien notification, registration deadlines, annual meetings, financial statements deadlines, and regulatory filing deadlines.

Regardless of your legal specialty area, a calendar and scheduling software like Maatdesk can guarantee that every task is performed and executed by the established deadline. Whether it's a job interview, a client appointment, a court appearance, a meeting with a team of lawyers or case witnesses, or any other significant event; all these events can be recorded and accessed at any time giving you the peace of mind and confidence you daily practice requires.

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