Increase Revenues with Maatdesk

We live in a fast-paced society where innovation and change can alter the pace of any business. With business growth during the pandemic bringing an unexpected change to how we meet clients and service their needs, it is important to have the right tools in place to give the client convenience. The most important thing for law firms is to keep themselves up to date with financial and technological development with proper Case Management Software, like Maatdesk. Maatdesk was created to make the management and tracking of your law firm easier and more streamlined for you and the client. Keep track of clients that owe money. Know which clients have payment plans and their due dates. Or see if clients have missed payment deadlines with your reporting features. This will allow you to spend more of your precious time advising clients, discussing strategy, litigating, or other legal tasks. As a result, there are direct economic advantages in investing in software like Maatdesk.

The 2021 Legal Trends Report, one of the leading research reports focusing on legal industry trends, has shown that the legal firms that have increased their revenues have also adopted technologies focusing on client accessibility.

These firms, for example, are:

  • 37% more likely to allow online payments
  • 41% more likely to use client portals, where clients could gain access to their lawyers and documents on the go.
  • 46% of these firms are more likely to have used client-intake and client-management technologies or software that facilitate the integration of new clients into the law firm's workload and schedule.

As the Report makes clear, firms that have increased their revenues were overall more likely to have used technologies and solutions that facilitate the administration of their firm.

Maatdesk facilitates this process by providing you with an interface that leaves your bills accounted for, keeps track of your schedule at both an individual and firm-wide levels, makes document filing and sharing, client billing, calendaring, and deadline scheduling easy.

Maatdesk's accessible and user-friendly designs also allow you to quickly see income streams, expenditures, and firm activity, allowing you to monitor the health of your firm. You will also benefit from knowing how your staff members are doing and the consistency with which they are contributing to the firm.

With case management software like Maatdesk, you can manage everything in one centralized location. The interface is simple and accessible, thus simplifying the administration of your firm. This will be crucial as your firm grows and expansion brings responsibilities that can distract you from your legal obligations to your clients.

As a firm expands, it will experience an increase in workflow. It will see high numbers of invoices, new client paperwork, additional recurring payments and other related administrative tasks. All of these tasks will tend to distract you from the work on which your firm's success depends. Thus, Maatdesk's time-saving benefits will ultimately mean that the investment in the software will pay for itself. Maatdesk offers affordable prices for services that compete with those of other industry leaders. Maatdesk will prove an excellent management tool for firms that are starting out and for firms that are seeking to expand.

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