Maatdesk Makes Communication Easy

One of the ways you can make the management of your law firm easier is by improving communication with your client. Making them feel like they're always informed about their cases promotes trust between clients and their attorneys and helps to make sometimes tense relationships far more manageable. Whether you are a family law attorney handling a challenging and acrimonious divorce proceeding or you're a corporate lawyer engaged in a very sensitive and complex fraud case, you will know that sometimes difficult conversations with your clients are inevitable. As a result, you should always strive to ease communications with them, and Maatdesk can provide you with what you need.

Maatdesk aims to provide attorneys and their clients with a convenient tool that allows both to have a productive and amicable relationship. Maatdesk comes with an accessible client portal that allows for documents to be shared safely and securely between attorneys and clients. Not only can clients see everything from important case dates and billing due dates, but attorneys can also share sensitive case-related documentation for client review. A client will be able to see every motion filed and document submitted and received by the attorney so that there is never a lack of communication and transparency. Maatdesk is also deeply committed to helping you follow the ethical rules of your profession, such as attorney-client privilege, and assures you that all documents exchanged between client and attorney are secure and private. Only you and your client will have access to them.

Bill Payment and Tracking

Maatdesk's billing and calendaring functions try to facilitate client payments. Maatdesk allows your firm to organize matters at both an individual and firm-wide, "global" level. Furthermore, Maatdesk will also provide you with detailed firm-health reports that allow you to take stock of your firm's financial strength. Each of your attorneys' matters will be listed there for your review so that you can see how each attorney is individually doing. Similarly, your attorneys will have the opportunity to track their clients' bill payments to see which have been paid, which are soon to be paid, and which are overdue. Maatdesk understands that a law firm's financial health and reputation depend on its efficiency in accepting client payments. Maatdesk facilitates this by ensuring that you are always notified when important billing deadlines are approaching.

Email Communications and Security

As we stated above, not only does Maatdesk allow your attorney to share sensitive and privy documents with your client and vice-versa, it also provides your attorney with a centralized hub from which to see their emails so that they don't have to distract themselves from their workflow. You can assign emails you receive and send according to matters. You can then see the whole collection of emails that pertain to a matter under the matters communication tab. This will save you the effort of having to go through your emails yourself. Many attorneys find that having multiple tabs open on their computer can add unnecessary steps and complications to a job that needs no extra complications. Maatdesk seeks to make your workflow easier by centralizing everything related to your case into one program.

Last, Maatdesk makes it easy to assign matters to individual attorneys centrally. Nothing is better for a growing law firm than to land a complex and significant case. These cases, however, require careful planning, and the best law firms will be quick to compartmentalize their staff to take on separate tasks. If you are defending a company being accused of fraud, you may have your attorneys each reviewing the financial statements of one of the company's bank accounts while other attorneys are engaged in drafting preliminary motions and so on. With Maatdesk, you will easily categorize and assign these case matters. Keeping track of matters in this way is not only operationally wise but financially savvy. This level of organization will let you see where revenues are coming from and which of your attorneys are most productive.

Consult with us to learn more about how Maatdesk can help your business.