Maatdesk, The New Standard

If you are a new law graduate looking to start your own firm or a seasoned expert looking to branch out into private practice, you know that getting your firm started can be an exciting but daunting task. When you get going you are creating business plans, establishing budgets, designing your firm’s look and appeal, doing your due diligence on ways to attract clients, and many more tasks. Managing your firm’s day-to-day services, however, should not be one of those tasks.

Daunting though the challenge of setting up your firm may be, novelty brings its own rewards. The 2021 Legal Trends Report stated that 79% of legal consumers saw the opportunity for remote interaction as a paramount feature in selecting a firm. Maatdesk incorporates the most modern software solutions for you to manage your cases and tasks, track your billable hours and organize your clients and contacts. Maatdesk understands the pressures of meeting your clients'/staff’s demands. Clients are now busier, more mobile, and may need to access their legal needs on the go. Similarly, you may wish to delegate work among staff members, who will need quick access to the platform. Maatdesk’s cloud-based features and accessible interfaces with designs tested by professionals are there to help you meet these business demands and more while keeping your firm up to date.

Case management software is not just helpful in saving time. While it is crucial that you and your fellow attorneys have time to perform your legal obligations to your clients and not be overwhelmed by unorganized administrative work, software like Maatdesk has shown to help increase revenues. Firms that have invested in management software will have access to detailed information on the firm that they can pass on to staff members and evaluate to see where they need to improve their business models. It might be for this reason that 67% of firms surveyed substantially invest in management software compared to 27% who are investing in new physical facilities. The mark of a successful firm in today's world is the capacity to operate flexibly with new technologies and financial alternatives.

The years 2020 and 2021 have been years marked by pandemic uncertainty, and businesses have been forced to adapt to new realities. In 2020, the Legal Trends Report showed that technology adoption was crucial for firm survival during the pandemic. Maatdesk understands the value of flexibility and integrates it into its designs.

Based locally in Miami, Maatdesk offers an innovative way for you to manage your firm with more key features at a more economical price compared to its competitors. This is why Maatdesk is the optimal choice for either a recently established or seasoned firm.

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