Why Maatdesk is an Excellent Option for Law Firms

Technological applications are becoming indispensable for law firms today. As global populations turn to technology for convenience, productivity, and ease of use, law firms servicing those populations find themselves pushed to adapt. As many lawyers note, law firm management can be a time-consuming task, one which can distract them from litigating and meeting their clients' legal needs.

Maatdesk is software that centralizes the management of your firm into one single cloud-based application. Maatdesk's organizational capabilities allow you to use your time and increase your productivity efficiently. For a law firm interested in growing, software like Maatdesk is an essential tool that provides many features like Billing, Calendaring, Case Matter, Tasks, Notes, and Reports among others.

So how does Maatdesk help a law firm?

Many law firms that have implemented software solutions like Maatdesk have said that switching to them has helped drive innovation at the firm. Maatdesk's organizational functions allow attorneys to spend time seeking creative solutions to legal problems. When an attorney is confronted by a complex case, the last thing they want to worry about is whether another client has missed a payment. Maatdesk allows attorneys to rest easy in the knowledge that they won't miss due dates for billing, filing of motions, and court deadlines. Maatdesk will allow you to view and categorize emails based on case matters, see your schedule for payments, appointments, staff productivity, and easily access matters or clients for any details.

Better Customer Experience

Law firms know that the best way to retain clients is to develop an attentive and committed relationship. Clients must always feel informed about their cases, and they must find it easy to connect with their lawyers. Maatdesk's client management functions facilitate the attorney's capacity to keep in touch with their clients and allow attorneys to securely share sensitive documents via the cloud. It is no surprise that the legal world can be complex for non-professionals. Maatdesk allows your client to remain in contact with you and see the progress of their case. In this way, they will be able to see through the complexities of the legal world and feel comfortable with their choice of attorneys. This is very important for a law firm interested in growing and increasing its clientele.

A Centralized System Offers Greater Convenience

Maatdesk offers a centralized hub from which to manage your firm. Maatdesk's cloud-based functionality also means that you, your attorneys, and your clients will be able to access Maatdesk from any device with an internet connection. Staying connected is essential, which will not only improve the efficient use of time but also the client experience. Maatdesk is equipped with an industry-leading security system and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you are always securely in touch with every aspect of your business. Clients can be informed and connected with their attorneys from wherever they are.

Many law firms have reported that switching to case management software was instrumental in catalyzing their growth precisely because they needed no new hardware. This made it easy for the growing firms to load their new clients and attorneys onto the interface.

Keep Track Payments, Past and Future

A growing law firm with an increasing number of clients will find itself inundated with invoices and new client paperwork. Maatdesks's accessible features allow you and your attorneys to keep track of payment information and invoices from new clients. You can see detailed reports of the firm’s health. The reports will range from specific client bills to firm-wide bills that can be seen as “outstanding,” “past due” or “paid.” With these reports, you will know exactly where you stand and how to plan the next steps. With Maatdesk, it will be easy for your clients as well. Your clients will have their personalized portal created when they become a client and can see all bills there. Clients will see the bills labeled “paid,” “upcoming” and “past due” to easily determine what they need to pay and do so right on their portal. Maatdesk can generate complex and precisely explained invoices which will provide the financial transparency your old and new clients will appreciate. Invoices, furthermore, can be tailored to display the services time or fees that constitute the bill amount.

Better Flexibility

Firms that adopted software-based management solutions pre-2019 were better equipped to answer the demands imposed by the pandemic. Clients found it easier to connect with their attorneys using tools like Maatdesk while in quarantine and isolating. Maatdesk adds flexibility to the management of your firm, which will allow you to absorb the shocks of totally unpredictable and contingent events like the pandemic.

Send notes emails or monitor case files from anywhere via a cloud-based software like Maatdesk. The staff members don’t have to be in the office to communicate with each other or see status and case details.

Better Productivity

One of the major concerns of a growing law firm is how to increase revenues without increasing costs. As a firm grows, it tends to develop new costs as it adds clients and new attorneys to the firm. These can chip at revenues. Investing in firm management solutions like Maatdesk creates an interface that centralizes and streamlines adding attorneys, clients, caseloads, and billing. Monitor which attorneys are landing and handling the most cases or how they are charging their fees by viewing the firm health reports. Revenues can organically increase by knowing how you and your attorneys are charging fees, what is being waived, and who has past due payment. Many firms have noted that the investment in solutions like Maatdesk pays for itself and more. At Maatdesk, we understand the importance of attorneys focusing their energies on their legal tasks and for firm managers to lead without the distraction of tending to paperwork Maatdesk can take care of. This is why we designed such comprehensive software.

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